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piraeus sailing yacht charter

Piraeus Sailing Yacht Charter

Piraeus, one of the port cities in the Attica region of Greece, is the most suitable region to charter sailing yachts. In addition to being close to the capital, the city, which is located in the port city, offers its visitors the opportunity to easily tour many regions with the Piraeus sailing yacht charter service. You can reach the most suitable sailing yacht charter service in Piraeus from the marinas in the region. At the same time, Piraeus hosts many events.

There are many types of sailing yachts that are useful. You can see Salamina Island with your sea vehicle that you will find at the most affordable price. In addition, you can witness the view of the city from the outside. With its different atmosphere, the city has embraced people from almost all nationalities. In addition to the tour service, if you has a skipper’s license, you can use the sailing yacht. The “Long Walls” connecting Piraeus and Athens. It was built in the fifth century. Piraeus, which was also the main port in the past, is the region where trade activities are carried out. The city, which has become a whole with the capital, serves 20 million passengers annually with its lively and active structure. In addition to these, it is one of the world-famous port cities where sports competitions are held.

Piraeus Sailing Yacht Charter – Places to Visit in Piraeus

Piraeus, which is indispensable for the summer months, is a region where tourists do not have trouble in terms of accommodation. In addition, the fact that there are many places to visit has made the city the center of attention. In addition to its historical structure, you can visit the Greek islands and Italian coasts by taking the ferries that depart every day. Some tourists also visit the places mentioned by sailing yacht charter in Piraeus. Water diving is done in Megalo, the biggest port of the city. In the water dives, you can have the opportunity to see different plant species and sea creatures as well as the unique view of the sea. If you want to benefit from this service, you can collect unforgettable memories by participating in the trainings provided. At the same time, the proximity of Piraeus to the city is one of the reasons why the port is preferred by tourists.

The Hellenic Maritime museum in Piraeus reflects maritime history and traditions. More than 2,500 maritime artifacts are also on display in this museum. Other museums you can visit are; Georgios Averof Ship Museum is the Panos Aravantinos Decor Museum. In addition, the largest library in Greece is located in this city. There are three large churches in the city. Holy Triniti (Agia Triada Cathedral), Saint Spydridon, Saint Nicholas church are among the favorite places of the city residents as well as the tourists. There are also churches belonging to Evangelical Christians and Roman Catholics in Piraeus. The yellow trolleybuses circulating in the city have become the icons of the city. You can also use trolleybuses for the tours you want to make in the city. Piraeus sailing yacht charter.

Piraeus sailing yacht charter
Piraeus sailing yacht charter

Piraeus Traditional Dishes

Piraeus sailing yacht charter service today; It is given in Flisvos, Paşalimanı, Athens marinas. The mentioned marinas ensure the safety of marine vehicles. In addition, excursions are organized for tourists who want to come to Greece and take a sea voyage. You can see places that are not seen according to the tour route of the company you have agreed with. You will witness unique landscapes on this journey.

You can taste many traditional dishes unique to Piraeus in the tour service. In Turkey, the flavors that are similar to the dishes of the Aegean region are mainly vegetables. Famous for its appetizers, sauces, salads, cheeses and herbs, Piraeus has a rich seafood cuisine. The rich cuisine, where octopus, shrimp and fish are used extensively, was influenced by the fact that the city was a port city. In Piraeus, different from Greek cuisine, snack products are quite famous. In addition, world-famous restaurants serve in the city. Varoulko, which has many awards, is among the favorite places of tourists with its service and food. In addition, Margaro, famous for its Greek salad and fried fish, is one of the places that made its name in the city. Have more living space with the Piraeus catamaran charter. Our technical team will be at your service 24/7 during your charter sailing tour. They will provide all necessary support for a sailing charter tour in Piraeus.