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Gocek catamaran charter

Gocek Catamaran Charter Prices

We determine our Gocek catamaran charter prices policy in the best way to serve all sailors. While we offer the catamarans of our own fleet at more affordable prices than similar catamarans, we get the best prices from the catamaran owners for the other fleet catamarans of which we are the agency. With our long years of experience in the catamaran charter industry, our professional team is at your service 24/7 for all your catamaran model requests.

We do our best for you to have an unforgettable catamaran holiday in Gocek, one of the most important catamaran tourism destinations in the world. You can sail in the natural wonders of Gocek with our catamaran charter models with or without a captain, with our recommendations for the most suitable route according to the rental period. During your tour, our technical team and reservation team in the region will be at your service for all your support requests. During the catamaran rental process, all price and similar information will be given to you in full, a contract will be prepared on your behalf, and all the necessary documents will be delivered to you. We maintain our leadership in the sector with our agency services with fully official certificates and our modern perspective.

Gocek catamaran charter prices are determined in the most ideal way according to the length, built year, number of cabins, service type and equipment of the catamarans. While there are mostly monohull catamarans in Gocek, the number of chartered catamarans has increased recently. After the Covid-19 pandemic, vacationers turned to more isolated accommodation and vacation demands. Catamarans have recently become the most preferred models with their wide living spaces and their ability to reach secluded bays. Due to these increasing demands, companies providing chartered catamaran services in Gocek continue to add catamarans to their fleets.

If you do not have enough experience and you are going to rent a catamaran for the first time and sail it yourself, it would be reasonable to rent a 40 ft catamaran. A 40 ft catamaran is very easy to maneuver and manage. 2 people can sail easily and have a smooth tour. By increasing your experience in a catamaran of this size, you can turn to catamarans over 45 ft. over time.

Gocek catamaran charter prices - Portville
Gocek catamaran charter prices – Portville

Gocek Catamaran Charter Prices – Catamaran Charter Sector in Gocek

The area between Gocek and Sarıgerme extends to the south in the form of a peninsula. The geographical structure, where the mountains in the Aegean run perpendicular to the sea, is also evident in this peninsula. Due to this structure, the region has numerous coves. These bays are surrounded by hills covered with pine forests and have turquoise seas. Almost all Gocek bays are very sheltered against natural conditions. With its tourism facilities and small and large marinas in Gocek city center and its bays, it can best respond to all boat tourism demands.

The city center is quite small and is home to 3 important marinas. Marinas with charter companies are Marintürk and D Marin. Skopea marina is located between these two marinas at the entrance of the city center. There are no catamaran charter companies in Skopea marina and mostly private boats and mega yachts are moored here. Our boats, which we offer with the best Gocek catamaran charter prices, are located in Marintürk and D Marin. Marintürk and D Marin are able to respond in the most professional way to everything a sailor may need during his tour. These two marinas are among the most popular marinas in the world. You can find other informations about marinas in our Gocek catamaran charter article.

Gocek is one of the most ideal tourism regions thanks to the average temperature of 30ºC throughout the year and the long sailing season from March to November. Compared to Greece and Croatia, the sailing season is quite long. While the sailing season is over in these countries, you can enjoy the sun and the sea with a chartered catamaran in Gocek. All Gocek bays are very sheltered against natural conditions and therefore wintering can be done very easily in the bays. Mooring, electricity, water and food and beverage services can be provided for all types of boat models in the bays.

Catamaran Charter – Catamaran Charter Options

Gocek, with its around 30 bays, provides enough route opportunity for a 1-2 week catamaran tour even alone. If we consider a 1-week tour plan, you can make your tour in Gocek bays or you can sail towards Fethiye and Fethiye bays, which are very close. As we said, since Gocek and Fethiye have countless bays, it is not possible to see all the bays on the tour you have chosen with ideal Gocek catamaran charter prices for 1 week. You have the chance to create different routes.

Catamarans are calm sea boats due to their design and comfort. They are models that provide hotel comfort in smooth seas. Gocek bays are also the most ideal destinations for catamarans, thanks to their very calm and sheltered structures. As a company, we offer all kinds of catamaran options with or without a captain to your liking. If you have sufficient license and experience, you can drive catamarans up to 45 ft. If you want, you can request a captain for these boats. Catamarans over 45 ft. are rented with a captain in Göcek.

In some boats, captain prices are included in the price, while in others it is extra. On the other hand, 55-62 ft catamarans serve with a crew, that is, with a captain, cook or stewardess. If you are planning a luxury boat holiday on the sea, you can choose our crewed catamarans. Our captains will draw the most ideal route, and our cooks will present the unique tastes of Mediterranean and Aegean cuisine to your liking. You can rent all kinds of catamaran models through our company with the most affordable Gocek catamaran charter prices.

As Book2sailing company, we offer you the most suitable boat models for your demand and budget with our sector experience and our young team. To have an unforgettable blue cruise experience in Göcek’s natural wonder bays, all you have to do is contact us. We send you all available boats with technical equipment information and pictures. We are working to offer the best price for the boat you have chosen. During your tour, our technical team in the region will be in constant contact with you. They will perform your check-in and check-out processes without any problems.