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halkidiki sailing yacht charter

Halkidiki Sailing Yacht Charter

Halkidiki is a popular peninsula with locals, known for its short distance from Thessaloniki, Greece’s second largest city. Lush forests stretch all the way to the beach, where reflections of sunlight add shimmering hues to the turquoise waters. It is a very important sailing yacht route. This region, which stands out for its beautiful seaside resorts and exotic beaches, is one of a kind. You can explore the most exclusive regions of Greece and take advantage of a unique holiday opportunity by taking advantage of the Halkidiki sailing yacht charter service.

Halkidiki; Kassandra is divided into three small peninsulas called Sithonia and Athos’a. The first is the most intense. The latter is more secluded and ideal for camping. The third is home to a closed monastic community that only male travelers can enter with special permission. Halkidiki is the birthplace of the philosopher Aristotle, who was the teacher of Alexander the Great. He was born in 384 BC in the ancient city of Stagira, northeast of Halkidiki. The ruins of the ancient city can still be seen today near Olympiada. We recommend that you see them closely and get impressive information.

If you have started your sailing charter holiday by taking advantage of the opportunity of Halkidiki sailing yacht charter, you know that you have various alternatives. During your yacht trip, you should not forget to visit Thessaloniki, stop by the Nea Fokea Byzantine Tower, Mount Athos, have a pleasant time in the crystal clear waters of Sithonia, explore the beaches of Kassandra Greece and relax in the resort town of Ouranoupoli.

Halkidiki sailing yacht charter
Halkidiki sailing yacht charter

Halkidiki Sailing Yacht Charter

If you manage to distract yourself from charter sailing yachts and stunning beaches in Halkidiki, you should go on a trip. A drive through the area will take you to impressive sites such as the Petralona Cave, Byzantine towers, ancient monuments and beautiful monasteries. You should take a yacht trip from Ouranoupolis to Mount Athos. Since the public is not allowed to enter the Athos peninsula, you should not miss the opportunity to admire the beautiful monasteries from the sea, sailing the yacht along the coastline.

You should crown your taste buds in Halkidiki with seafood dishes and Mediterranean cuisine. You should definitely try delicious dishes such as gyros, souvlaki, pastitio and kleftiko. Octopus, lobster and mussel products form the basis of many main dishes in Halkidiki cuisine. You should try white, pink and red wines, taste fresh seafood and table olives. Do not finish your tour without tasting these unique delicacies during your Halkidiki sailing yacht charter. A sailing charter holiday is not just about exploring peaceful seas and coves. It means adding more flavor to your tour with the unique flavors of the region.

Halkidiki Sailing Season

Charter high season in Halkidiki is from June to September. There are lots of activities to do and places to visit during this time. Prices are high but more affordable than other tourist destinations in Greece. The most active months in the region are July and August, as in all destinations in Greece. The best time for a holiday in Halkidiki is September, which is close to the end of the tourist season. Halkidiki is fully booked during the summer months and if you plan to visit during this period, you should book early. We recommend that you come prepared for the busy streets, large crowds of locals and tourists.

Halkidiki is a very popular holiday destination in Northern Greece. It is famous for its cosmopolitan resorts, breathtaking natural landscapes and exotic beaches. It is the best party center in Northern Greece and near Thessaloniki, especially in summer. You should stop by the many pubs and clubs that make Halkidiki the perfect place for a night out. Moreover, you can reach Sidirokastro and Neoi Poroi great music and many dance spots. Halkidiki sailing yacht charter cruise also allows you to explore other attractions in the region.

You don’t need a special license to charter a small yacht between the second and third legs of Halkidiki or to cruise the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean. You should bring your own food and snacks and sail to the Diaporas Islands. You will have the freedom to anchor wherever you want and watch the sunset from your own small yacht. We especially recommend that you go with a group of friends. You should not miss the opportunity to visit the most pristine beaches, inaccessible coves and impressive clear waters in Greece’s fascinating sailing regions. You can contact our team to start planning your dream Halkidiki sailing holiday. Experience a more comfortable sea holiday with a Halkidiki catamaran charter. If a breakdown occurs during your charter sailing tour, you can contact us immediately. Our technical team in the area will immediately reach the place where the yacht is. Contact us to find the most suitable sailing yacht for your demand and get professional support to make the right choice. We will also offer you the best prices for sailing yacht charter in Halkidiki.