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mykonos motor yacht charter

Mykonos Motor Yacht Charter

Mykonos Island is a continuation of the Greek Islands. Located in the Aegean Sea and 157 km from Athens, Mykonos Island is also very close to Turkey. It is quite easy to reach Mykonos with a Mykonos motor yacht charter tour. This is an island that is visited by many tourists especially in the summer and has a very cute appearance. The islet, which is full of white houses, creates a wonderful riot of blue and white colors with both the blue decorations in the houses and the turquoise color of the sea.

When people come to Mykonos Island, they usually prefer to use the air or sea route. However, for our guests who will pass through Turkey, transportation by sea is a much better option due to the close distance. For this reason, our company offers motor yachts that you can rent to go to Mykonos Island. By renting a motor yacht with Mykonos motor yacht charter options, you can pass through Turkey to Mykonos Island in about 2 hours.

Mykonos Motor Yacht Charter – Fairytale Land Mykonos

Recently, we see that people prefer more boutique and less crowded holiday options instead of crowded holidays. In the formation of this situation, with the development of sea tourism, there is also the diversification of holiday transportation options. Catamarans, yachts, sailboats and motor yachts are the ideal holiday boats for such holidays. People who want to have a more personalized and comfortable holiday away from the crowd, choose the Mykonos motor yacht charter holiday and prefer a holiday that is different from other holiday options. Mykonos motor yacht charter, which can be rented with family or friends instead of the blue cruises with a crowded and fixed route, provides you with a more comfortable and less number of people holiday.

In addition, Mykonos Island offers a wonderful environment for you to evaluate your special days. While blue shutters decorate the whitewashed houses; Colorful flowers adorn the streets. In such an environment, it is up to you to differentiate your special days such as marriage proposal, honeymoon or birthday celebrations. For this, a motor yacht charter in Mykonos seems worth a try.

Mykonos motor yacht charter
Mykonos motor yacht charter

Routes in Mykonos

Mykonos is an island that has survived from a fairy tale land. The whole island is full of white rental or private houses, and it looks like İzmir Alaçatı with its blue doors and shutters. You will be fascinated by the scents of geranium hanging from the balconies, while a gentle tune of music from the streets of Mykonos accompanies you. You can come to this islet, where the Mediterranean air is dominant, by Mykonos motor yacht charter and you can choose Little Venice as the first stop of your trip. It got this name because of its Venetian-like appearance.

Then the windmills in Aro Mera Village are like the complement of the island. If you want to get away from the crowd, you can have a tea against the deep blue sea waters. Another route is the Folklore Museum, whose building has survived from the 1700s. This is a museum famous for its stuffed Pelican statue of Peter. The other stop of our Mykonos charter motor yacht tour will be the Archaeological Museum and the Maritime Museum. Traces of the past are exhibited here and you can see it concretely. If you are a photography lover, the next route of our tour is the Parapotani Church for you. This place overlooks the island from above and has a different view, consisting of a combination of 5 small churches.

After all, we can take a look at the beaches and coves we will visit on our Mykonos motor yacht charter tour. Among them, Malalianos Beach, Tourlos Beach, Paradise (Paradise) Beach, Super Paradise Beach, Ella Beach, Agrari Beach and its bays are among the most famous places.

Motor Yacht Holiday Comfort in Mykonos

Rental motor yachts are much faster and more maneuverable than sailboats and catamarans. For this reason, they can approach the shore more than other holiday boats. Thus, you will have the opportunity to explore more places. Not having a sail on deck allows you to have more space. Our Mykonos motor yacht charter service is based on providing a high level of comfort to our guests. Both the speed, interior design and comfortable structures of the yachts and our crews to support you are designed for you to have a more comfortable holiday. Our captains can create the most beautiful route for you, and you can also make changes on the route. It is your choice to spend a wonderful holiday with the Mykonos motor yacht charter option. For detailed information and reservation procedures, you can contact us at +90 538 211 45 67. You can explore this unique route in a different way with Mykonos charter catamaran models.

Our experienced crew will give you the comfort of a luxury hotel on our charter motor yacht tours. When you step into the Mykonos yacht charter model, you will immediately realize the luxury. Charter motor yacht will be the best option for our guests looking for a luxury holiday on the sea. You can change places between the bays very quickly with a charter motor yacht. Motor yachts have a very fast movement capability. Mykonos luxury, speed but comfort awaits to be explored with a motor yacht charter. Charter motor yacht prices appeal to all budgets. You can choose a motor yacht for rent that fits your budget and experience an unforgettable holiday.