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Greece catamaran charter

Greece Catamaran Charter

Discover Greece, one of the most important sailing destinations in the world, with our Greece catamaran charter models suitable for all budgets. Our expert reservation team will send you the most suitable catamarans as a list. We will send you all the pictures and technical equipment list for the catamaran model you find suitable from the list. If you want the boat not to be rented by someone else and if you want time to think, you can request an option from us. After deciding on the reservation, we will send you all the contract and necessary documents arranged on your behalf. All you have to do is reach our expert team and make plans for how to have fun in the bays of Greece. We will plan everything completely for you.

Greece fascinates visitors with its colorful streets, lively streets and Greek music playing with a gentle tone in every restaurant. Greece is a country that is one of the neighbors of Turkey and European countries. Due to its location, it is very suitable for sea tourism. Because there is Turkey in the east, the Cretan Sea and the Mediterranean Sea in the south, and the Ionian Sea in the west.

Since Greece is located in the Mediterranean climate zone, it is a country that is very suitable for summer tourism. In addition, many local and foreign tourists visit Greece throughout the year, as it has a long coastline. Although it has many places to visit by land, it also offers great opportunities for those who want to join sea tours. Catamaran excursions are one of them. Greece catamaran charter is very popular among holiday options. Because catamaran holidays are boutique holiday options that make you feel special and are made with comfortable boats.

About Greece Catamaran Charter

Greece, which welcomes its guests with its natural beauties, historical ruins and magnificent nature, adorns the holiday plans of many tourists. So much so that Greece, which has wonderful places to visit and see on land, as well as beautiful bays and islands in the sea, is among the preferences of those who want to have a boutique holiday. People who choose a catamaran charter holiday in Greece enjoy a secluded holiday in the beautiful bays of this place.

Do you have the necessary license and experience to sail a catamaran yourself? Then you can request a bareboat catamaran from us. If you experience anxiety while docking at the marinas, our team at the marina will assist you. At the entrances of the marina, make sure to call the marina tower by radio and request mooring support. If you say you want to have a luxury hotel holiday on the sea, then our crewed catamaran models will be the most suitable for you. Enjoy the luxury and comfort of our crewed catamaran models with expert crew and luxury equipment options. Our skippers will safely transport you to the Greek bays of your choice.

Catamaran charter holiday in Greece is a holiday model preferred by those who want to get away from the crowd and relax in the cool waters. Rich in bay and island care, Greece is like a perfect fit for a catamaran charter vacation. Kos, Nikiti, Athens, Corfu, Santotini Bays are among the most visited bays. Let’s take a closer look at the Greece catamaran charter vacation route…

Catamaran Vacation Route in Greece

Greece is a good option for a holiday; because it has many places to visit and see. Acropolis, Acropolis Museum, Lykavittos Hill, Syntagma Square, Anafiotika District are just a few of them. In addition to these, Greece has unexplored coves and islands, each more beautiful than the other, for a rental catamaran holiday. If you look at the route of the catamaran charter holiday in Greece, you can visit Kos Island, Volos Island, Nikiti Island, Athens Island, Corfu Island, Santotini Island, Halkidiki Island, Peloponese Island, Rhodes Island, Mykonos Island.

Greece catamaran charter
Greece catamaran charter

How to Take a Vacation with Catamarans?

Catamarans are holiday boats with a very large structure, consisting of the merging of two boats, and seated on two parallel hulls. The lengths of the catamarans vary between 12-30 meters and especially the holidaymakers who care about comfort prefer it more. Especially in today’s catamarans, comfort and safety are at a higher level. So much so that they can easily choose these boats in crowded groups. Due to its design, it has been designed in accordance with the number of people. It offers a comfortable holiday when you come with friends or family.

Greece catamaran charter holiday offers you a holiday option in the clear waters of the Aegean and Mediterranean, where you can even determine your own route. It offers a great opportunity for a different and unforgettable honeymoon, special day celebrations, surprises or a fun holiday with your friends.

Spacious saloons, separate showers and toilets, and the fact that the captain and passenger cabins and toilets are designed separately from each other indicate that they have a comfortable structure. Especially after the Covid-19 epidemic, it has become one of the holiday options preferred by many people.

Greece is a good choice for a catamaran holiday, as it has beautiful bays. Our visitors who want to spend a more boutique and special holiday away from the crowds against the lush nature of Greece on the pristine waters can contact our company. Our catamaran fleet can appeal to every budget. Our skippers create the route for your Greece catamaran charter holiday; however, you can make any changes you want on the route. While our experienced skippers take you around beautiful bays, all you have to do is enjoy swimming, the sun and the sea.

If you want to reward yourself with this magnificent holiday and relieve your tiredness accumulated throughout the year in the deep blue waters of Greece, you can choose a catamaran charter holiday in Greece. It is a good idea to make an early reservation to take advantage of the advantageous prices.

You can ask all your questions and make a reservation by calling us on the relevant phone or contacting us via whatsapp. If you have sailing holiday plans for Turkey, you can take a look at our Turkey catamaran charter models.