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Marmaris sailboat charter

Marmaris Sailboat Charter Prices

We provide services in Marmaris, where is one of the most important sailing centers of Turkey, with the most affordable Marmaris sailboat charter prices. There are many rental sailboat options in the Marmaris region. It will be enough to reach our expert team to find the most suitable boat for your needs. We respond to your requests in a very short time. We send you a list of all available boats, and we put an option for the boat you want. If you decide to rent, we will send all necessary documents prepared on your behalf. As Book2sailing company, we provide sailing boat rental service with all legally required languages. Thanks to the banks and systems we work with, all your payments are safe. During your tour, our head office and regional office staff are ready to serve you 24/7 for all your needs. As a company, our aim is to give you the happiest rental sailboat holiday with our long years of experience in the sector and our understanding of modern tourism.

Marmaris is an important sailing destination for the boat industry with its advanced technical infrastructure, marinas and qualified personnel. It is a developed tourism resort where a vacationer can find everything he needs during his vacation. With its bays, natural beauties, historical riches, beaches, touristic businesses and holiday activities, it is a region that you will prefer without hesitation. If you want to explore Marmaris beaches and bays from the sea, contact us and rent the most suitable sailing boat model with the most suitable Marmaris sailboat charter prices. While we offer the boats in our fleet at the most affordable prices, we also get the best prices for the boats of other companies that we are the agency of.

Marmaris Sailboat Rental – Sailing Boat Sector in Marmaris

The area between Marmaris city center and Bozburun in the south is in the form of a peninsula and is called the Marmaris Peninsula. The peninsula is surrounded by countless coves and tourist resorts. All the bays are popular holiday resorts with the pine forests and deep blue seas surrounding them. Marmaris bays are frequently visited by the local people on a daily basis, as it is possible to reach them by road. In the summer season, the bays are quite busy. There are businesses that provide shopping, health, security, boat equipment, maintenance-repair, diving, water sports, hotel, pension and restaurant services in the bays. Our guests who rent sailboats from us with Marmaris sailboat charter prices can find everything they need during their tour in these bays.

Marmaris sailboat charter prices
Marmaris sailboat charter prices

There are 4 important marinas in the region. Netsel Marina, Albatros Marina, Yacht Marina and Marti Marina. Companies with rental sailboat fleets are located in these marinas. Netsel Marina is the most important marina in the region in terms of its location, capacity and services. It is the marina where sailing races are held and necessary organizations are made about the races.

Marmaris Netsel Marina is located in the city center. Boat owners and charterers can get off their boats and walk straight to the city center. Netsel Marina is located right next to Marmaris Castle and bars street. Along the Marmaris castle, there are restaurants and bars around the walls. The marina, which was put into service in 1989 with all the facilities, has a capacity of 720 yachts at sea and 120 on land. There is a large supermarket in the marina where sailors can shop. There are also restaurants, cafes, bars, shops, charter agencies and technical services within the marina. Some of the charter boats we offer with the most affordable Marmaris sailboat charter prices are anchored in this marina.

The marinas are very busy these days, as Saturday and Friday are check-in and check-out days. Our guests, who will start their tour from here, can meet all their needs without leaving the marina. After check-in, you can do your shopping at the supermarket. If you do not want to deal with shopping, you can ask us for a provision, that is, a shopping list. According to the list, our team at the marina will do the shopping and load it on your boat. You can pay our team according to the invoice.

Sailboat Rental Prices – Sailing Boat Charter Options

There are sailing boats up to 64 ft in Marmaris sailing charter sector. Although the number of sailboats for hire is high and sufficient, it is difficult to find suitable boats during the season. Therefore, it is important to make an early reservation in order to find the most suitable boat. If you book early before the season starts, you can also benefit from discounts. Some charter companies offer very advantageous introductory prices for newly arrived sailboats in their fleets. When you contact us, our company will offer the most suitable agency prices.

Most of the sailing boats in Marmaris are chartered as bareboat. If you have experience and license, you can explore Marmaris bays by yourself. If you wish, you can also request a skipper from us. Some sailboats do not initially have a crew cabin, as in catamarans. Therefore, when requesting a skipper, you should consider the number of people and the number of cabins. Sailing boats do not have as many special uses as catamarans. For example, you may need to share a passenger toilet and shower with the skipper if it’s not too much of a problem for you. We will try to offer you the most suitable Marmaris sailboat charter prices, all inclusive, for your skipper requests.

The sea requires a lot of experience and attention. In an emergency, you do not have the chance to stop the boat and park it like a car. You need to be able to make the instant and most accurate decision according to changing wave, wind and similar conditions. Although such bad situations do not occur during the sailing season due to the sheltered nature of the Aegean Sea and its bays and the hot seasons, it is always useful to be careful. You may encounter such situations as you sail towards the open seas on a tour to the Greek Islands. If you do not have experience, renting a sailing boat with a captain will be the right choice for your safety. Our captains will transport you to the most beautiful bays of Marmaris in the safest and most comfortable way with their friendly and professional service.

Marmaris is a very suitable sailing center for catamarans with its sheltered bays and calm seas in these bays. If you want to spend your holiday more comfortably due to their large structures, you can choose our catamaran models. You can view all models on our Marmaris catamaran charter page.