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nikiti sailing yacht charter

Nikiti Sailing Yacht Charter

Greece is a country full of wonders that many tourists visit every year. With its beaches, food, culture and landscapes, it offers tourists diversity in every area. Nikiti is one of the must-see places in this country. Nikiti is a great option if you want to experience an unforgettable holiday with your family, friends or spouse. Our article includes information about activities you can do in the region and Nikiti sailing yacht charter trips.

Nikiti is a village located at the beginning of the Greek peninsula of Sitonia. It is located 100 kilometers from Thessaloniki, one of the most well-known cities of the country. Nikiti, with a population of about 3000, has a very long history. It was occupied by pirates many times and only started to develop after the First World War. It is the largest settlement on the peninsula where it is located today. The village, which has just become a touristic area, is home to one of the longest beaches in Greece.

Nikiti beaches do not harbor an annoying crowd, even during the peak tourist months. For this reason, it offers a great opportunity for those who want to spend a quiet and peaceful holiday. You can spend quality time with your loved ones and collect valuable memories on these beaches, which are known for having clean waters. There are also many cafes and restaurants in the region where you can taste local delicacies. If you want to take natural honey to your home, you can stop by the vendors on the Thessaloniki highway. Spice up your Nikiti sailing yacht charter cruise with Mediterranean cuisine!

Nikiti sailing yacht charter
Nikiti sailing yacht charter

Places to Visit with Nikiti Sailing Yacht Charter

Halkidiki, the longest coastline of Nikiti, is among the tourist attractions in the region. You may want to take a look at Nikiti sailing yacht charter trips to see the coastline with more than 1000 beaches up close. Yacht trips are one of the best ways to explore the area, as it covers a large and expansive area. Do not end your holiday without going on a sailing yacht ride to enjoy Nikiti to the fullest.

You can also celebrate your special days on Nikiti sailing yacht charter rides. You can choose yacht trips for a birthday, wedding or meeting anniversary, graduation party and any important occasion you can think of. If you want to surprise your spouse on holiday, you can organize activities such as a romantic dinner at sunset on a sailing yacht trip. You can also discover unique spots to swim during your sailing yacht cruise. Rental sailing yacht cruises in Nikiti have a wide range of options. Depending on your request, it is possible to go on excursions during the day, at sunset or at night. Most sailing yacht excursions depart from the port of Nikiti. Popular stopovers for yacht rides include the Kalogria Beach. Kalogria is a blue flag beach that has won many awards. Kelifros island is also one of the frequent destinations of Nikiti sailing yacht charter.

Kelifros Island, a small piece of land, is covered with pines and olive trees. There are also cliffs and nascent caves on the island where you can take great pictures. It is also perfect for those who want to dive on a yacht ride with its deep blue water. Because the rich vegetation and animal cover under the waters near the island makes the area a fascinating diving spot. Agios Ioannis Beach is also one of the places that can be seen by yacht. Agios Ioannis is rated as one of the most beautiful beaches in Sitonia. Nikiti cruises end with a return to Nikiti after the beaches of Kelifros Island, Agios Ioannis and Kalogria. You can go on 3-hour or 8-hour excursions, depending on your preference. You can have a great lunch in Nikiti during all-day sailing yacht rides. You can also include activities such as fishing in your tour. You can contact us for detailed information about Nikiti sailing yacht charter prices. With Nikiti catamaran charter, you can have more and more private living spaces on the sea.