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gocek yacht charter models

Gocek Yacht Charter Models

Gocek is a paradise where sea lovers and sailors look forward to summer and where they yearn to go on their summer holidays. Vacationers who find the most suitable option among Gocek yacht charter models may not always have enough experience. Sailors who come to the region for the first time may have minor concerns as they do not have enough information about Gocek bays and mooring places. In this article, we have found it appropriate to provide the necessary information for our guests who do not have enough experience and who will rent a yacht for the first time.

First of all, it would be useful to give some information about the region for those who will come to Gocek for the first time. It is fifteen minutes away from Gocek Dalaman Airport by car, and approximately twenty-five, thirty minutes away from Fethiye. If you want to rent from Fethiye, you can set off after your check-in and reach Gocek in an hour and a half. When you approach Gocek while cruising from the Fethiye side, if you turn the rudder to starboard, you will reach the center of Gocek. But if you take a straight road, you will find yourself in paradise coves as soon as you pass the fake strait. In the center, marinas and the city are intertwined. After mooring your yacht to any marina, you can take a tour in the city center. You can spend time in cafes and restaurants suitable for all kinds of tastes, and you can make up for your shortcomings in the markets. Before giving information about Gocek yacht charter models, let’s answer the question why you should choose Gocek.

Gocek Yacht Charter Models – Why Choose This Place for Blue Cruise

Gocek and its bays are considered the world’s best sailing cruising region, as approved by local and foreign authorities and experienced sailors. Almost all of its bays are surrounded by mountains, close to each other and completely sheltered against natural conditions. In addition to these features, it is a region where blue and green paint unique pictures. It is possible to access mooring, electricity, clean water and restaurant services in many bays. All these are indispensable for sailing lovers who want to spend a trouble-free and peaceful holiday. But these are not the only features that make this place attractive. As experienced sailors know very well, the friendly services of the staff and owners of the facility also make these paradise bays attractive.

In addition, Gocek, which is generally preferred by families with children, close friends and those who will go on a blue cruise for the first time, is a candidate to be the most ideal sailing destination for those who say “never without my family and friends”. Choose the yacht you want from the Gocek yacht charter models section of our page, we guarantee you an unforgettable holiday experience.

Gocek yacht charter models
Gocek yacht charter models

Gocek Yacht Charter Models – Monohull or Catamaran?

Based on the monohull and the catamaran with the same year of construction, the catamarans have almost two or three times higher charter fees. Of course, an older catamaran can be cheaper than a newer model monohull. In short, the length, age, type of the yacht and the fixed or comfort equipment it has on it are the factors that determine the charter prices. As we said, while explaining the differences between monohull and catamaran, taking the same year of construction as a basis will give you more healthy information.

As catamarans have more volume, you will pay more for marina entrances or overnight stays. This is about twice the asking price for a monohull. Monohullers cut the sea like a knife and offer the desired sailing performance. Although sailing can be done with a catamaran, luffing is never a substitute for the performance in a monohull. Here we mean performance, not speed. Because catamarans reach speeds one and a half times faster than monohulls in sailing. The catamaran is more suitable for holidaymakers seeking comfort rather than sailing performance. Especially recently, the popularity of catamarans has increased considerably in the charter sector.

It is very attractive for holidaymakers who go to the sea with the family, thanks to its large living spaces. Thanks to the large cockpit, the lounge with the kitchen and the large cabins below, we can say that the catamarans are floating houses. As we said, catamarans are ideal for those who seek comfort, and monohulls for performance seekers. You can choose the most suitable model among Gocek yacht charter models and have unforgettable memories in Gocek bays.

One of the most important issues on the yacht, of course, is safety. Unlike the old catamarans, the possibility of capsizing the new model catamarans is almost non-existent today. Thanks to its wide decks, it offers a safer living space, especially for families with children. You can enter shallow waters with catamarans as there are no release systems. Monohulls lie down a lot during sailing and it becomes impossible to even stand in the yacht. Many items can even fall on the floor from the unclosable storage compartments. Catamarans, on the other hand, are more stable thanks to their double hull design. Thanks to the engine and rudder blades on both hulls, their maneuvering capabilities are quite high and they are very easy to use. Most of the time, even the rudder is not used. Docking and mooring are done by powering the motors.

Cataraman type yachts, which are generally preferred by large families or groups of friends, offer a comfortable living space for sea lovers. It has a large sunbathing area on the deck, large sitting area in the cockpit and bow, and spacious cabins that can accommodate a family comfortably. One of the features of catamarans is that the cabins are far from each other. It offers more privacy and private usage areas. It offers the comfort of a hotel for our guests who will make a charter yacht holiday for the first time and makes it easier for you to get used to the sea and the yacht.

Topics to Plan Before Vacation

If you do not have enough experience and license to use a yacht, you can hire a captain. You can get support from us about the route and make your holiday in the most efficient way. Due to the size of the yacht, you have a more limited living space. For this reason, it is important that the people you go on a tour with also want to enjoy this journey and be aware that they are not in a hotel room on the sea. You can find many options such as sailyachts, motor yachts, gulets and catamarans on our page. If you like to sail and travel and look for performance, you can choose a sailing yacht or catamaran, if you want to charter a crewed yacht, you can choose a gulet, if you like speed and luxury, you can choose a motor yacht.

Fuel and other marina costs are extra for sailyachts and catamarans. More package prices are offered for gulets and motor yachts. You can contact our expert team to get detailed and best information about Gocek charter yacht models and prices. You can check our page for Gocek catamaran charter models.