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fethiye motor yacht charter

Fethiye Motor Yacht Charter

Discover the uniquely beautiful bays of Fethiye with Fethiye motor yacht charter models suitable for every budget. We are at your service with our fleet of motor yachts of all sizes and classes for our guests who want to experience the comfort of a luxury hotel on the sea and provide vip service. You can get detailed information by contacting our expert team. During your tour, our expert crew will do their best to provide you with the best sea holiday experience. A luxury holiday experience between the deep blue sea and lush pine forests in the sheltered bays of Fethiye and Gocek against all kinds of natural conditions is possible with motor yachts. While our professional captains and sailors will transport you to unique beauties in the safest way, our chefs will offer you the flavors of world cuisine.

Fethiye, one of the largest districts of Mugla, is located at the junction of the Aegean and the Mediterranean. It is one of the holiday centers that attracts the most tourists and its fame has spread around the world with Oludeniz. It is also one of the important destinations of the yachting industry with its proximity to the Greek Islands, magnificent bays, beaches, underwater beauties and marinas. In Fethiye, there are many tourism and yachting companies that provide Fethiye motor yacht charter services. Fethiye, which is one of the blue cruise departure points, also offers daily and weekly sea tours. Exploring the many bays, islands and underwater cities around Fethiye with a motor yacht chartered in Fethiye, swimming in the magnificent sea of ​​Fethiye, watching the lights of the coastline at night accompanied by the breeze from the sea and the smell of the sea, in short, enjoying a dream-like holiday, Exploring history is inevitable on Gemiler Island. The only way to witness these beauties is to get Fethiye motor yacht charter service.

Fethiye motor yacht charter
Fethiye motor yacht charter

Fethiye Motoryacht Charter – Why Fethiye and Motor Yacht?

Fethiye has a developed yacht tourism potential as well as natural beauties. In addition to having all the infrastructure, equipment and venues that a tourism district should have, the most important marinas of the Mediterranean Region are in Fethiye. Especially Göcek Town is quite developed in terms of yacht tourism. 4 of the most luxurious marinas of our country are located in this region. In addition, there are yacht sales and charter companies, yacht maintenance and repair workshops, and stores selling all kinds of yachting-related materials in Fethiye. Fethiye is one of the centers of motor yacht charter service due to its natural beauties, the development of international marinas and its location. In Fethiye, where the Mediterranean climate is dominant, it is possible to go on a blue cruise and yacht trips starting from the spring months. If we come to the question of why the motor yacht;

Motoryachts are fast, safe and comfortable yachts. It is much faster when compared to sailyachts. If there is a short holiday period, it is much more advantageous to get a charter motor yacht service in order to see more places. Of course, the first choice of speed enthusiasts is a motor yacht. In addition, motor yachts are more advantageous in terms of approaching the shores during a sea vacation. Because their maneuverability is quite good. They provide the opportunity to go ashore and anchor at any desired location. If there is a time limit to go on a blue cruise, it is possible to complete the tour in 3-4 days with a Fethiye motor yacht charter. Generally, motor yachts complete the route that other yachts would take in a week in 3-4 days. Those who want to add sea travel to their Fethiye holidays can get a Fethiye motoryacht charter service for a few days and enliven their holidays and visit the surrounding bays and beaches.

Those who prefer Fethiye motor yacht charter are generally those who want to experience the comfort of a hotel on the sea. Motoryachts have comfortable living spaces. It has spacious, spacious cabins, sitting areas and dining areas. The wide decks are ideal for comfortable movement and sunbathing. If you are going to have a holiday with family and crowded group, motor yacht should definitely be preferred. There are luxury, deluxe and economy models of motor yachts. Therefore, it is possible not only for the wealthy, but also for mid-level groups to benefit from Fethiye motor yacht charter service. You can look at our Fethiye catamaran charter models to explore Fethiye with a catamaran.

Motoryacht and Comfort

Fethiye motor yacht charter service is provided by the captain and crew. Even with a captain’s license, experienced captains and crew on motor yachts are required to serve. This is actually an important advantage. Master chefs cook in the crew, and the service personnel serve the food. Yacht cleaning is also done by the crew. Safety is the most important detail in sea voyages. It is important that the yacht sails on the correct course. In Fethiye motor yacht service, the captain decides about the route.

When you go on a vacation with a charter motor yacht, if you have to make business meetings, follow the works and work during the holiday, the motor yacht is the best choice in this regard. You can follow the work on the internet, make phone calls and even host your guests on your yacht by arranging business meetings, and the most enjoyable thing is to jump into the sea during short breaks between work, get away from work stress and swim. In order to get charter motor yacht service, you first need to find the right address by researching yachting and tourism companies and choose the right yacht model by getting consultancy service. In this regard, you can visit the offices of companies and communicate on their websites. Expressing your expectations and demands from Fethiye motor yacht service in the best way is important for renting the yacht you need.