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marmaris catamaran charter models

Marmaris Catamaran Charter Models

Experience an unforgettable blue cruise with Marmaris catamaran charter models. Marmaris is one of the most popular holiday resorts in Turkey. Many local and foreign tourists come to Marmaris throughout the year and enjoy a wonderful holiday. The wonderful nature of Marmaris, the streets lined with palm trees and the sea fascinate the visitors. Marmaris is quite lively and chirpy at night as well as during the day. When you come to Marmaris, you can enjoy having fun at any time of the day. In addition, its historical texture, old streets and avenues and its cultural heritage are worth seeing.

Let’s get to know Marmaris a little closer, which is one of the lifebloods of tourism. You can explore the bay of Marmaris, which has a sea, sand, sun trio, historical cultural structure, nature and a sparkling nightlife, by yacht. For this reason, yacht tourism in Marmaris is also quite developed. Netsel Marina, the largest marina of the Aegean, is also located in Marmaris. This is a place that will meet all the needs of the yacht industry and is fully equipped and has a capacity of approximately 750 yachts. Marmaris Harbor and our seas, which have hosted the ships of many civilizations from the past to the present, are now frequently home to catamaran holidaymakers. You can also enjoy a secluded holiday in Marmaris’s unique bays and gulfs by taking advantage of Marmaris catamaran charter models.

Marmaris catamaran charter models
Marmaris catamaran charter models

Marmaris Catamaran Charter Models – Routes

When you come to Marmaris, you will see that there are many places to visit and explore. As you can visit Marmaris by joining the blue cruises, there are also many places you can tour on foot. If you want to spend a quieter holiday, you can take advantage of Marmaris catamaran charter models service. Marmaris Icmeler will be a great choice for this. Marmaris Icmeler, which is calmer and cooler in autumn and spring, is one of the places preferred by sailors and catamaran charters. Since Icmeler is not a very big place, you can also walk around. From there, you can take a sea taxi to places such as Amos and Kumlubuk.

You can also join the daily tours and see the most beautiful places of Marmaris such as Turgut village, Waterfall, Bakır Village. Marmaris offers many activities to its visitors. Parasailing, flyboard, banana, canoe, and jeep safari tours are just a few of them. With jeep safari tours, you can go to places such as Gökova Bay, Kızkumu, Bozburun, Hisarönü, Turunç, Akbük. Thus, you will have the opportunity to have an unforgettable experience. For those who choose a yacht holiday with Marmaris catamaran charter models, Amos Bay will be a great choice. This is a place located between Turunç and Kumlubuk and can only be reached by sea. Amos bay, which has the characteristics of Aquarium bay, is a nice destination area for charter catamaran holidaymakers. Another feature of this place is that it is an ancient city. It has the ruins of the ancient city of Amos. Marmaris Baklabuk Bay is also located in Turunc. Baklabük Bay, which has a clear sea, is surrounded by olive and pine trees. Marmaris catamaran charter holidaymakers prefer this place because of its calmness.

Comfort is at the forefront in catamarans. It is not suitable for very and frequently wavy places. For this reason, people who want to relax in quiet places can enjoy Marmaris with their families or groups of friends by choosing a Marmaris catamaran charter holiday. Another place chosen by those who want to take a charter yacht holiday in Marmaris is Selimiye and Cennet Bays. These are known for yacht tourism and are frequented by sailors. They have natural structures that have survived from the past to the present. So much so that it is possible to reach these places only by footpaths. These coves, which do not even have a business and have a secluded and sparkling sea, are a frequent destination for our guests who love silence and serenity. Make sure to discover these routes with Marmaris catamaran charter models.

Another place for catamaran preferences is Abdi Paşa Bay. This place is known for its underwater riches and is literally a diving spot. Here you can swim as much as you want and explore the underwater world. We recommend that you have diving goggles and a submarine camera to record the magnificent beauties of the underwater world. As you can see, Marmaris is like a pearl in an oyster shell waiting to be discovered. You can do many activities by coming to Marmaris, one of Turkey’s holiday paradises. Due to Covid-19, the demand for Marmaris catamaran charter models and yacht charter services has increased. It is like a perfect fit for both those who love calmness and those who want to spend a healthy holiday. If you want to have a Marmaris catamaran charter holiday with your friends or family, you can choose Marmaris and get information about the subject by contacting our expert team. You can ask all your questions, have Marmaris catamaran charter prices information and make a reservation by calling us on 0538 211 45 67 or by contacting us via Whatsapp.