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keramoti catamaran charter

Keramoti Catamaran Charter

You can enjoy the yacht and blue cruise culture with Keramoti catamaran charter, which brings a new breath to the holiday concept. You can make your holiday in a different way than usual by taking advantage of the rental catamaran service in Greece and many different countries. You can have fun in Keramoti by participating in the holiday requests made by yacht in recent years.

Places to Visit with Keramoti Catamaran Charter

Greece is one of the most beautiful places to spend a summer vacation. With its historical culture and natural beauties, it is preferred by many people to spend the summer months in peace and quiet. It has many places worth seeing, such as the Acropolis Museum, Syntagma Square, and the Anafiotika area. At the same time, Greece Keramoti wins the hearts of holiday lovers with its ideal touristic areas for a rental catamaran holiday. Thanks to its beautiful bays and islands, it reveals perfect views. It wins people’s appreciation thanks to its landscapes where green and blue coexist. The holiday route that can be made with a Keramoti catamaran charter in Greece can be as follows:

Kos island
Valos Island
Nikiti Island
Corfu Island
Haldiki Island
Thassos Island

Keramoti catamaran charter
Keramoti catamaran charter

Advantages of Keramoti Catamaran Charter Holiday

Thassos island has more green and blue together than other Greek islands. If you are looking for a lively environment in the summer and want to spend peaceful days, you can consider a Keramoti catamaran charter. Being an island for a family holiday is one of the biggest advantages of the region. At the same time, being close to Turkey can be counted among the reasons for preference. The village houses on the island are worth seeing with their architectural structures and aesthetic appearance. It is also an ideal region for those who want to visit historical buildings. You can visit the St. Michael the Archangel Monastery and enjoy the magnificent view overlooking the Aegean Sea. The beaches located all over the island make it possible to have a holiday with a catamaran.

Thasoss beaches are divided into those with and without facilities. Thanks to its beaches that meet two different needs, it gains the satisfaction of tourists. You can throw your towel in a corner of the beaches and take your umbrella. You can use the beach without having to use the service of that facility. You can taste delicious Greek cuisine at the facilities located on the beaches and try nice cocktails that will cool you down in hot weather. Live your sailing experience at the peaks with Keramoti sailing yacht charter models.

Places to visit in Keramoti

We have listed the places to go in Keramoti for those who want to spend their summer holidays with Keramoti catamaran charter. If you wish, you can determine your own holiday route by browsing the list! Here is the list we have compiled for you:

Aliki Beach: It is located in the southeast of the island. It is a place of peace and tranquility. It dazzles people with its sea and natural beauties. As you move away from the shore, the view of the stone elevations on the left creates an exquisite view.

Kazaviti: It means “Winehouse”. It is definitely worth a visit as this village is famous for its wines. You can try different desserts by eating goat meat on this island, which has a restaurant in the style of village coffee. Since it is located in the forested part of the island, you can enjoy the exquisite view of the green and also participate in treeking activities.

Aliki: It is known as a small fishing town which means “salt pans”. It highlights the history of the island by showing how local marble was transported from ancient times to the present day.

Limenas: It is the port village which is considered as the center of the island. This region, where there is live music and entertainment, is preferred by many tourists.

If you want to see the exquisite meeting of green and blue on your holiday, you can choose Keramoti. You can experience an unforgettable holiday with its history, culture, food, wine and beaches. You can make unforgettable memories with your loved ones in the blue waters, thanks to a rental catamaran holiday in Keramoti. During your Keramoti catamaran charter tour, our skippers will take you to the most beautiful destinations on crewed tours. During your rental catamaran tour, if you wish, our chefs will offer you unique Greek Cuisine delicacies.