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Turkey sailboat charter prices

Turkey Sailboat Charter Prices

As Book2sailing, we maintain our leadership in the sector with the most suitable Turkey sailboat charter prices and our professional services. Book2sailing company is the leading online boat rental platform in Turkey, London, Ukraine and Russia. Our agency, which provides boat rental services with all necessary licenses, operates in the sector with commercial licensed boats. Our reservation team sends you a list of the most suitable sailing boats for your request. If you are in the process of deciding for the boat you find suitable, you can request an option from us. When you decide to make a reservation, all contracts and documents prepared on your behalf will be sent. All your payments are secured with the payment systems of the banks we work with. On the day of the tour, our employees in the region will greet you and help you with check-in, shopping, extra payments and similar issues.

Turkey’s Mediterranean and Aegean coasts have the most suitable bays, nature and weather conditions for sailing. The region between Kaş and Bodrum is quite developed in terms of sailing boat sector and there are marinas and boat rental agencies and technical support companies operating in this sector. The region has become a brand in the world sailing boat industry with its technical infrastructure, qualified employees and professional service capacity. We, as a company, are trying to contribute to this capacity with our modern fleet and Turkey sailboat charter prices.

Turkey Sailboat Charter Prices – What is Sailboat?

Sailboat is a transportation vehicle that cruise on the sea, lake or stream. Catamarans and gulets also have sailing systems, but when it comes to sailing in the charter sector, mono hull boats come to mind. Charter sailboats in the Turkish sailing charter market generally have two types of sailing systems: Classic and furling sails. In the classical system, the sail is folded into a sheath called a lazy bag. Its balance and stretching are also provided by thin ropes called lazy jacks. The furling, on the other hand, is wrapped vertically around the reel in the main mast and closed. It is much easier to use than a classic sail. If you do not have much sailing experience, you can choose boats with furling sails to gain practice.

Turkey sailboat charter prices - Interior
Turkey sailboat charter prices – Interior

We have said that when sailing boat is mentioned in the charter sector, a mono hull boat is mentioned. But there are 3 types of sailboats. In addition to monohull, other boat types are catamaran and gulet. If you wish, let’s take a brief look at the types of sailboats that you can rent with the most suitable Turkey sailboat charter prices through our company:

Monohulls are designed by placing a single pole on a single body. Thanks to their stabilizing keels, the probability of overturning is very low. Thanks to its single body, its resistance to water is low. They travel fast, cutting the waves like knives. For this reason, it is the first choice of sailors looking for performance on the sea. In the charter sector in Turkey, models with 2,3,4 and 5 cabins between 32-64 ft are in majority.

Catamarans are built on two hulls. Living spaces are larger than mono hull boats thanks to their wide width. There are no keel systems. Although their ability to cut waves is low, they have low hull friction coefficients. With the developing technology, today’s catamarans can even be faster than single hull sailboats. Monohulls and catamarans are equipped with electronic pulley systems if the sail is too large and impossible to open by hand. For catamaran models, you can get more detailed information from our Turkey catamaran charter article.

Gulets designed as single, two, three or four masts on a single hull made of wood are sailboat types that have gained a reputation for their comfort on the sea. There are standard, luxury and deluxe gulets in the sector. The prices of these boats for charter sailboats in Turkey are high compared to other boat types. They serve with the crew. They provide hotel comfort on the sea. They can accommodate between 4 and 12 cabins and have all the comforts for long journeys. They are the boats identified with the blue cruise. Some gulets provide service with cabin charter system. Due to their wooden structure, they are quite heavy and slow.

Sailboat Charter – Sailboat Charter Procedure

If you have never had a boat holiday and have no sea experience, you can consider sailing boat rental options with a skipper or join sailing courses. You can get sailing experience with the support of our skippers in skipper tours.

Most sailboats in the Turkish sailboat charter market are offered as bareboats. So if you have enough license and experience, you can use it yourself. Documents such as Amateur Seaman’s Certificate and IYT are sufficient for you to use commercial boats. In sailing boats, the engine is used when maneuvering and when the wind is not favorable. Fuel cost is very low as the sail is opened and the engine is stopped when the wind blows.

You have decided to rent a boat and contact us. We will send you the most suitable sailing boat models according to your request, number of people, budget, date and a list of Turkey sailboat charter prices. You can request detailed equipment list and photos for the boat you have chosen. If you need time to make a decision and you do not want the boat you have chosen to be rented by someone else during this time, you can request an option. The boat will be optionally held for you for 3 days in season and 7 days out of season. If you decide to rent, the contract and documents prepared with your identity or passport information will be sent to your name. You can make the first payment within 1 week and the remaining amount up to 1 month before the tour day.

On the day of the tour, our office staff in the area will welcome you. If you have chartered a sailing boat with a skipper, there is no need for any technical check-in. If you have chartered without a skipper, our technical team will first give you a list of equipment. You have to check yourself if the equipment in the list is on board. In this way, it is aimed to learn which equipment is where. After completing the list, our technical team will start the technical check-in process. They will show you what equipment is used and how the sails are set. In this process, ask any question that comes to your mind without hesitation. Since the sea requires extreme precautions and attention, it is of great importance to have complete information on every subject. At the end of the check-in process, you can leave the marina and start exploring Turkey’s unique sailing destinations.