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alimos sailing yacht charter

Alimos Sailing Yacht Charter

Located in the south-west of Athens, the capital of Greece, the city is one of the coastal settlements. Cafes and restaurants close to the coast will allow you to spend a pleasant time with your loved ones. In addition, you can travel on the sea with Alimos sailing yacht charter service. Tourists who want to have different experiences make their holidays more enjoyable by renting yachts in large groups.

Today, Alimos, which offers a quiet environment for those who want to escape from the noise of the city and have Alimos sailing yacht charter, is one of the most preferred choices due to its proximity to the sea. The city, which hosts people from all cultures, young and old, draws attention with its churches and cemeteries. In the city of Alimos, which has increased its development in terms of trade, the number of residences is increasing day by day. Due to the proximity of the city to the capital, visitors do not suffer from transportation problems. After a fun trip with your friends, you can visit the famous Greek city of Athens. The city has been home to the oldest civilizations in the modern-day world. In addition, its geographical structure has made it the seventh largest city in the world. If you want a holiday where you can travel and have fun, Greece is one of the most suitable regions for you.

Alimos sailing yacht charter
Alimos sailing yacht charter

Alimos Sailing Yacht Charter – Alimos Marinas

Alimos sailing yacht charter service is provided at the marinas of the city. One of the largest marinas in Greece is located in the city of Alimos. The region, whose name is “Alimos Marina”, has a capacity of 1080 moorings. It hosts numerous chartered or private sailing yachts. In addition, there is a dock area for 600 sailing vessels. In addition to rental yachts, tour services are also provided. You can experience the wonderful view and unexplored places of the Aegean Sea through this service. There is a tight transportation network around the marina. Adjacent to the shore around it, Nālu offers beach and restaurant services. Here you can try traditional dishes specific to the region and benefit from the sunbed and umbrella service. Gyros (Greek doner) is one of the mentioned dishes. After thinly slicing the pork and chicken meat, it is placed between lightly toasted bread. Veal and lamb are also used as meat. Gyros is flavored with optional sauce and intermediate ingredients. Alimos sailing yacht charter can be expensive for some tourists. Located in the coastal part of Alimos city, Sailing Club acts as a tour service and marina. It aims to give you special moments with more than 30 sailing yachts. In addition to the local taverns, you can see the curious places of Greece thanks to the services provided.

Alimos Accommodation Facilities and Beaches

The closest hotel to the marinas where sailing yachts are connected is Marina Alimos Hotel. It is among the favorite places of domestic and foreign tourists. The hotel, which receives full marks from its customers during the service and accommodation process, also pleases with its meals. The view of the spacious balcony overlooking the sea creates a very pleasant environment. In addition to having a pleasant time, you can spend your holiday in the city of Alimos at the most affordable price. You can travel as bareboat with the Alimos sailing yacht charter yacht. Certain conditions are required for this. An official document proving that you can use sea vehicles will suffice. If you do not have a skipper’s license, the crew will assist you. By determining the route you want to go, you can leave the rest to the expert staff.

Its white structure and the blue dome symbol on it are the characteristics of the Church of Alimos Panagia Mirtidiotissa. The war memorial in front of it adds to the grandeur of the church. The structure, surrounded by the Virgin Mary icon and myrtle trees, was built 5-6 years ago. Another area that attracts the attention of visitors is; It is the Phaleron War Cemetery. It was specially built for the soldiers who lost their lives in the Second World War. The cemetery, where the Athens Monument is located, is also open to visitors on weekends. Kalamaki beach of Alimos city is among the places preferred by tourists. In addition to its clean environment, the Aegean Sea is one of the most suitable areas for swimming. Bars and restaurants located near the beach are among the services of the city of Alimos. Discover Alimos on a yacht with a larger living space with our Alimos catamaran charter models.

Alimos sailing yacht charter yacht models vary between 2 and 6 cabins. If you are considering a sailing charter with a captain, it would make sense to reserve one of the cabins for the use of the captain. Or it is also appropriate to choose a sailing yacht with a crew cabin at the beginning. All you need to do is reach our expert and helpful team to choose the most suitable Alimos sailing yacht charter model for your budget and demand.