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Turkey catamaran charter prices

Turkey Catamaran Charter Prices

We are at your service for your rental catamaran requests with the most suitable Turkey catamaran charter prices. Book2sailing company was founded by a team of experts who have worked in the boat industry for many years. As a company, we serve as the official agency of both our own fleet and other boats. Our reservation team will send you the most affordable rental catamarans via mail or whatsapp. We will send all the details and pictures for the catamaran you find suitable and make a final price study. Turkey is one of the most important tourism destinations in the world with its uniquely beautiful bays on the Aegean coast. There are companies with catamaran fleets of all kinds in all regions between Kaş and Bodrum. As one of these companies, we do our best to provide you with an unforgettable boat holiday experience by using our experience and professional vision in the best way.

Turkey catamaran charter prices vary according to the characteristics of the catamarans. In the Turkish catamaran charter market, there are generally bareboats up to 45 ft, that is, without a skipper, and crewed catamarans over 45 ft. You can choose the most suitable boat for you by looking at our boat models with 3 cabins 2 toilets, 4 cabins 2 toilets, 4 cabins 4 toilets and 5 cabins. If you do not have a catamaran tour experience before, our expert team will answer all your questions incompletely.

Turkey Catamaran Charter Prices – Advantages of Catamarans

Catamarans have become the most popular boat model of recent times with their spacious living spaces and comfort. It is especially preferred by families with children. It is much easier for children to walk on the deck, pass the time, and ensure their safety while sailing than on a mono hull boat. Maneuvering movements of catamarans are done with joysticks. It is quite easy to dock at the marina by using the joysticks for both hulls back and forth.

Turkey catamaran charter prices
Turkey catamaran charter prices

Catamarans offer more living space and comfort than single hull boats. Between the two hull there is a living room and a kitchen. The cabins inside the hull are made with the stairs descending from the saloon. Catamarans have a more balanced course thanks to two hulls. They do not sway as much as single hull boats during mooring, they are not affected much by the waves. Therefore, it is much more comfortable for people affected by the sea. It is almost like a hotel room design on the sea for families with children. You can see this design we mentioned by taking a look at the pictures of the models we offer to your taste with our most suitable Turkey catamaran charter prices policy.

Another advantage of catamarans is that they can dock in shallow places as they do not have a keel like monohull boats. Underwater depths are very small. They can easily dock in shallow waters or shallow moorings where a single hull can sink to the bottom of the sea. It may not be important for many sailors, but for those looking for prestige on the sea, catamarans offer luxury cruising opportunities. Large crewed catamarans are considered prestige luxury ships. Models such as Lagoon 52, Lagoon 620, Sunreef 74 arriving at the marina will always attract the attention of other sailors. Large and fully vip service catamarans have experienced and talented cooks and hostesses as well as 5-star hotel service teams. If you are planning a luxury holiday on the sea, for example, you can take a look at our crewed Gocek catamaran charter fleet.

Disadvantages of Catamarans

Since catamarans are larger than monohull boats, rental prices are higher. Of course, an older model catamaran can be cheaper than a newer model monohull. The age of the catamarans, the number of cabins, the length, the crew and the service type are the factors that affect the Turkey catamaran charter prices policy.

If you are going to buy a catamaran and moor it to a certain marina, it is useful to know that you will pay more marina mooring prices than monohull boats. Marina mooring fees are generally calculated according to the square meters covered by the boat. Due to the large structures of the catamarans, the mooring fees naturally increase. Fethiye marinas are cheaper than Göcek, Marmaris and Bodrum marinas in terms of marina mooring prices.

As we said, catamarans are models with a design like two single hull boats combined with a saloon. For this reason, it takes up almost 2 times more space than a single hull boat, and 52-62 ft catamarans take up 3-4 times more space. For this reason, it is more difficult to find mooring places in very busy bays or marinas.

As a result, as the advantages of catamarans are many and the disadvantages are few and insignificant, their number is increasing in the sector. They are becoming increasingly popular, especially in destinations with small marinas, coves and where most nights are anchored. In the Caribbean, Seychelles, Thailand chartered catamarans make up an average of 50% of charter fleets. In other popular sailing destinations such as Turkey, Croatia, Greece, Italy, the number of monohulls is still higher than catamarans, but here too the trend is clear: more and more catamarans are sailing in the waters of the Mediterranean and joining the companies’ fleet.

Turkey Catamaran Charter – Catamaran Charter Options

Catamarans up to 45 ft. are offered as bareboat, while larger ones are offered with a skipper. If you have sufficient license and experience, you can use a 45 ft, 4 cabin catamaran by yourself. The most ideal models for large families or large groups of friends will be 4 cabins 4 toilet catamarans. Catamarans require a different experience compared to monohulls, as they are large and driven by joysticks rather than rudders. If you want to experience catamaran comfort but do not have the necessary experience, you can request a skipper from us or choose our crewed catamaran models. We are at your service with our expert team to give you an unforgettable blue cruise experience with the most affordable Turkey catamaran charter prices.

In Lagoon 52-62 and similar models, our crew consisting of skipper, cook and hostess will offer you a luxury hotel service on the sea. Our skippers will choose the most ideal route according to your tour day and take you to the uniquely beautiful Turkish coves. Our chefs will prepare the flavors of Mediterranean and Aegean cuisine. You can either do the shopping yourself on our crewed catamarans, or you can request a menu from us. Crew cabins and toilets are separate from the guest cabins on our crewed boats. Our guests are never disturbed in terms of using their private living space. Our crewed catamarans have equipment such as air conditioning, television, water maker, generator, TV, sound system that provide you extreme comfort.