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Bodrum sailboat charter

Bodrum Sailboat Charter

In the region, where is almost invaded by local tourists in the summer, you can see sea lovers from many cities, as well as a tourist boom. You can reach us for your Bodrum sailboat charter requests and ask for the sailboat charter models you are looking for. There are many charter sailboat models in our fleet. Among our sailboat models, the price option is listed according to the features you are looking for. Especially if you make a reservation or get information before it is too late, it means that you will go on a tour with the right sailboat when you arrive.

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To give some information about Bodrum sailboat charter; Bodrum town is full of beauty and has a fascinating atmosphere, it is quite hot in summer and Bodrum is busy during the summer for those who prefer sailboat charter. Bodrum town also enjoys a reputation as a “Bohemian” city, with a reputation gained by the exile of a number of artists, singers and writers there. The most famous is Cevat Şakir. Many of his stories became known as Halicarnassus Fisher after this town. Cevat Şakir was exiled here in 1908 and remained in Bodrum until the end of his life. Bodrum must definitely be one of the most beautiful places banned for exiles.

Bodrum sailboat charter
Bodrum sailboat charter

Bodrum Underwater Archeology museum in the city is excellent. St. Peter’s Castle must be seen by our guests who spend their holiday in Bodrum with the option of Bodrum sailboat charter. Dr. The ruins from the Ottoman Empire period and from the Bronze Age, which were excavated by George Bass and his team, make this the best museum in the Mediterranean with the remains of wrecks around it.

Although the sailboat charter yacht marinas are old in this part of the Mediterranean now, Bodrum still remains a popular port for visiting charter sailboat s. In the region with high capacity in summer, you can spend time in bars, hotels, restaurants and clubs around the harbor. Bars and nightclubs in the region almost compete with each other to reach the highest decibel figures.

Bodrum Sailboat Charter – Bodrum Shipyards

Around Bodrum town, there are many daily excursion sailboat s, especially gulets. Most of them are located in İçmeler. There are plans to put a crushing pontoon in İçmeler Bay soon. There are regular bus services from Bodrum city center to Icmeler and return every 20 minutes. You can find many engineering and repair shops in İçmeler. There are also several mini markets, restaurants and bars.

Bodrum Sailboat Rental – Bodrum Cup

Bodrum Cup Regatta is held every year around the second or third week in October for traditional wooden boats. You can also join the cup with the Bodrum sailboat charter boats. A few old boats attending, but a large part of the fleet consists of wooden gulet built in Turkey. Some modern yachts and boats compete in a separate class, but their relatively slim hulls are difficult to encounter with their gulets lined up around Bodrum and nearby coves. For almost a week, the region looks like a scene from a movie set when you look at these large wooden boats, some today sailing to the coast, with boats reaching as long as 50 meters. You can check our page for sailboat charter in Gocek, which is another of ours. If you prefer a sailboat charter model from our Gocek sailboat charter fleet and start your sailboat charter cruise from Gocek, you will arrive to Bodrum with a 8-10 hours sailboat charter cruise.

About Reservation and Availability

Our Bodrum sailboat charter models continue to receive reservations before the season as in the season. In some periods, it is difficult to find our suitable sailboat charter models, especially in summer. We have local and foreign guests who take advantage of early booking opportunities. They can separate our sailboat charter models especially in winter. You can find visual and technical information about our sailboat charter models on our products page. In addition, by contacting us, our friends in our team will find the most suitable and desired sailboat charter models for you. With our sailboat charter models in Bodrum you will have an unforgetable sailboat charter holiday. To able to choice the best sailboat charter model in Bodrum you can contact our expert team who has higly experience about sailboat charter models.